Waiheke help

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Waiheke help is the name given to the project from the URL of the project itself: waiheke.help It is a responsive website adapted to both mobile and desktop screens. It is also accompanied by different posters and images for social networks. All this with a strong, direct and characteristic style.

The idea behind this website is to offer Waiheke Budgeting Services Trust a solution to reach the communities they want to help within Waiheke. In this case, the project has focused on the Latino community in Waiheke, although due to the structure of the project it can be modified and adapted to any community that finds itself in a vulnerable situation in the future.

This project was made for Waiheke Budgeting Services Trust on November 2020.

The main area of this project is web design.

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Relevant to this project was the waiheke.help website, where Waiheke residents can find critical information and help in case they need it. The website is separated into different sections showing key information, contact methods, ways to collaborate, who is behind the project and more helpful information.

It's remarkable how the first information the user receives offers the key points and what to expect, both on desktop and mobile. The web doesn't uses menus, social networks and all kinds of items that can distract from communicating a clear message.

Each section makes use of one of the waiheke.help colours in the project. Likewise, these colours are used to highlight the most relevant information. Even the illustrations within the website follow this colour palette.

In addition to the website, posters have been designed to be placed in the streets of Waiheke. These posters, once again, follow the same style with the purpose of clearly and directly communicating the message. A template has also been created for the client to place the messages of their choice.

Similarly, these messages can be applied to images for social networks, where the format is square instead of rectangular. There is also a template for this format and the customer can place the appropriate messages.