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Scherzo is the redesign of a classical music magazine. The goal was to make the magazine attractive again to the reader. The bet to achieve this was a whole new design in which the colour is abandoned and offered by an elegant design in black and white.

Different improvements to the magazine such as the new design, the use of an (almost) square format or the quality of the printing materials make the magazine appealing to collectors and not only to readers.

This project was made for Scherzo, SL on October 2017.

The main area of this project is layout design. (22.2 MB) –>

The magazine completely changes the design from the previous one. Almost more importance is given to the design than to the content and information offered.

A solid layout is offered where spaces are respected and importance is given to typography as a composition element. An established layout for each type of article, with the title as one of the only "free" elements.

A bunch of linear elements are used to guide the reader and help the read understand what type of article is, thanks to the icons in each segment.

The design of the magazine is in two columns to facilitate reading as the pages are especially wide. The text is also justified, with certain modifications to avoid unnecessary spaces and to don't break the kerning.

Thanks to the use of the same style during all the pages, a balance is maintained that allows the organization of the magazine to be easily understood and the reader to get used to it. It doesn't matter if you only see the magazine at a glance, you know it's Scherzo by its design.

This simplification of the magazine allows the reader to appreciate more the content and feel that it's select content. In other words, it encourages the reader to collect the magazines and consequently to be a loyal reader who buys the product monthly.