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This project was proposed as a new online media company focused on offering information through different channels of communication: website, video platforms, social networks, newsletter... A brand made from scratch and designed for all communication channels of the media company.

It's remarkable in this project how through the design the media allows transmitting the message without problems in different formats. "The medium is the message" was the motto to follow.

This project was made for ███ on May 2018.

The main areas of this project are branding and web design.

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The quod brand stands out for using basic and easily identifiable colours with yellow as the predominant colour. A clear structure that uses colours to categorise each publication according to its category.

Starting with the website, we have a totally responsive structure that adapts to all types of displays while maintaining the same content and without sacrificing anything along the way. Mobile, tablet or desktop, it doesn't matter, the experience of consuming quod is the same.

Thanks to the use of a grid it's possible to offer the information by columns and maintain cohesion throughout the entire website. While the text of the article is the main thing, the rest of the elements are arranged around it according to the space available.

A clear structure allows to subtitle videos and, at the same time, categorize them according to their type. This system is used for all videos published by quod.

The media has as well a newsletter that it's sent by email and maintains a clear and simple design so doesn't overload the email. Once again, it's adapted according to the screen.

On the other hand, there is a design for images with text shared in social networks. Called 'quotepics', these images allow to spread clear and concise information while maintaining the identity of quod.

The whole design of the brand is based on a total of eight well-defined colours and a single font capable of being adapted by size and weight to structure all the content.