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Neutime is a personal project made to experiment with the neumorphism style and how it's applied to a current mobile app. Neumorphism focuses on how light moves in a three-dimensional space. Therefore, lights and shadows are elementary in this project.

Throughout the design, the use of three-dimensional buttons and how they react to being enabled or not it's the main feature.

This project was made as a concept on April 2020.

The main area of this project is app design. (17.6 MB) –>

Neutime is essentially an app for time. The idea was to use a basic structure that keeps the main information at the top and interactive elements at the bottom to be more reachable. The colours are also minimal, always using a blue gradient for dynamic elements and a special gray for the background.

The application is divided into four main screens: time, timer, stopwatch and alarm. Generally, the primary information stands out in a bigger size and using of the blue gradient.

The interface with a 3D aspect it'ss achieved by using internal and external shadows to obtain volume. It's an approach to reality without imitating real elements, as it happens in skeumorphism.

As menus are opened, they offer extra layers of volume (for example, the buttons to set the timer). Also, the buttons pressed lets understand that it's an enabled item (for example, the alarms that are on).

The app it has a dark mode that, when it's enabled, practically inverts the colour palette (with some exceptions). Again, the 3D style of the buttons is used to represent which functions are enabled.

Neumorphism, while it may seem to be based on imitating physical reality in a digital world, actually only uses the behaviour of light. That's why all the buttons are achieved in three dimensions using only lights and shadows, without changing the colour or adding lines.

Neutime was an interesting project to practice with a design style that is gaining more and more strength in the trends of 2020 (and possibly later years).