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The purpose of this project was to achieve a mobile weather app capable of communicating information clearly and directly. To achieve this, the design chosen it was one that reinforces the use of descriptive colours and icons. The objective: to know the weather conditions for the next hours or days at a glance.

The app was designed for the iOS platform, therefore it is based on the style guide of this platform so that the learning curve for users is minimal. However, it stills keeps its own personality.

This project was made for █████ on February 2019.

The main areas of this project are branding and app design. (17.6 MB) –>

The main information is displayed on cards offered for each city or places saved. An average line shows the temperature over time and at the bottom the forecast for the next hours or days. The colour of the card represents the current situation.

By interacting with the card, more in-depth details are obtained for that location. For example the conditions at the annual level, radar and the exact conditions for each moment of the forecast.

The Awe app has one theme in light mode and another in dark mode. When the dark mode is applied, the colour code of the light mode is respected as teh secondarycolour for the weather conditions.

When the rain is detailed, a filled linear form it's used to represent the amount of rain for each moment. Both temperature and rain are shown as an approximate average.

Customization is a key aspect in Awe, allowing you to modify both the theme and the app icon, with dozens of different options.

A splash screen provides the basic features of Awe when you first start the app. It has also an option to share the weather in an image format that can be sent by messaging apps or published on social networks.

Awe takes advantage of its colour coding and icons to deliver the information directly. This combination of colours and icons allows for a multitude of variants for the elements of the app.