I left the Internet, I'm detached and it's wonderful. My life now is free from:

I said bye to all information that comes in my life via the Internet.

Wait, what?

The Internet has influenced my life more than anything. I live for and thanks to the World Wide Web. It has allowed me to grow as a person and professionally to unimaginable levels. I love the Internet, and at the same time, I hate it with all my strength.

For years I tried to leave it. Sometimes I've taken breaks of several weeks while on vacation. However, in the end, always I had to come back because my work is essentially online. There's a solution, in recent months I've been working on a project that allows me to split my professional life from my personal life a little bit better. And, with this, disconnect the personal part from the network.

The main idea to achieve this is to understand that my life doesn't depend upon Internet. This means getting rid of all the content that comes from online platforms in order to don't be influenced.

A one-way channel

With this said, I haven't completely disappeared from the Internet, rather I created a one-way channel. I want to go back to the cyberspace where I grew up, where I didn't desperately seek attention from others, where I didn't rely on anyone or anything to make day-to-day decisions. On that Internet, I had my own space where I expressed myself without waiting for feedback or anything else in return.

I still want to do it. That's why my website now becomes a personal, safe and comfortable space to be present online. On my website, you can find for example the books that I read, photos about the beautiful city where I live, what I think, ██████ ████, current obsessions or what I use.

Additionally, I'm doing an interesting experiment in which I post on Twitter without being on Twitter. I've set up a system to post tweets via SMS. I don't even know if they are going to be published or not, even less how people interact with them. Personal tweets, from my real life and 100% free from the ephemeral trends of Twitter and the Internet in general. The kind of tweets I was posting in 2007 when I wasn't craving for attention yet. I'm really excited about this.

Internet is wonderful, don't get me wrong. I appreciate with all my heart what humanity has done thanks to it. I'm just oversaturated and I want to enjoy the experiences and people that currently surround my life. This is a work in progress and, so far, being detached is beautiful.

From –the always beautiful– Auckland, NZ, I wish you all the best, Internet stranger.